We explain how LEWA Attendorn provides its customer with a production system for the manufacture of thick-walled safety cabinets for the subsequent installation of drive and control components.

Customer requirement:

Manufacture of thick-walled safety cabinets in a wide variety and with the highest requirements for welded joints and geometric dimensions for the subsequent installation of drive and control components.

Application processes:

  • Mechanical processing (milling/drilling/tapping) of the individual side elements
  • MIG welding (total length up to 12,480 mm)
  • Grinding - paintable overgrinding of welds

Our solution:

Construction of a highly automated production line.

  • Design and construction of a CNC-controlled clamping device for max. flexibility of the products
  • Flexible fixture and gripping technology including an automated set up process for component variations.
  • Fully automated manufacturing process: from picking up the individual parts to tacking and welding out the components with subsequent overgrinding of the weld seams and transfer to the paint line.



The customer benefit:

Maximum flexibility to a wide range of dimensions and component types.

  • Highly automated solution for consistently high quality and productivity
  • Several manual operations and transport efforts were replaced via an automation solution

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