We explain how LEWA Attendorn brings together the highest quality standards, low volumes and a low TCO (Total Cost of ownership) for automation in automotive manufacturing.

Customer requirement:

Concept development of a production system for the rear end of a hybrid super sports car with the highest quality requirements, but in low production volumes.

Application processes:

  • Punch riveting (350 pieces per assembly)
  • MIG welding (total length 2,480 mm)
  • Camera-guided setting of blind rivet studs (48 pieces per assembly)
  • Adhesive application including camera control (total length 8,100 mm)
  • Sealant application (total length 7,650 mm)

    Automation designed for flexibility and ease of reutilization.


Our solution:

Construction of a highly automated production line from individual, standardized production modules.

  • Minimal dedicated tooling through a jig-less process of moving the components to the work.
  • Adjustable fixture and gripper technology including an automated change over process for assembly variants.
  • Servo-motorized self-pierce riveting technology with automatic tool changers
  • Automated adhesive and sealant applications with process monitoring utilizing industrial vision inspection.
  • Camera-guided setting of blind rivet studs
  • Part marking and documentation of production data
  • Discharge of the assemblies in the special load carrier


The customer benefit:

Standardized modules that are time tested, reducing costs and speeding up the integration process.

  • Flexible production through tooling and fixturing change over
  • Modular platform design that simplifies and expedites the relocation of the equipment.
  • Concepted and designed with reutilizing in mind.
  • Highly automated solution for consistently high quality and consistently high productivity


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