We explain how LEWA Attendorn designed a production system for its customer to manufacture two steel and aluminum rear floor variants.

Customer requirement:

Conceptual design of a production system for the manufacture of two steel/aluminum rear floor variants with planned, staged, volume increases

Application processes:

  • Punch rivets (68 pieces/assembly)
  • Gluing incl. vision control (number of seams, total length)
  • Material handling with customer EOA tooling and dedicated part racks

Our solution:

Construction of a highly automated production line from standardized SpeedLine modules

  • Limited operators resulting in greater machine efficiency and through put
  • Variable fixture and gripper technology including automated setup process
  • Joining by means of servo-driven self-pierce riveting technology
  • Automated adhesive application with process monitoring utilizing vision
  • Parts marking and documentation of production data
  • Stacking of the assemblies in the dedicated racks



The customer benefit:

SpeedLine standard production modules are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Cost-optimized modules that have been successfully used in over 100 production solutions
  • Maximum flexibility and can be set up for other products via the tooling technology used
  • Scalable to the required capacities (product start-up, peak, product run-out)
  • Designed to be relocated very quickly within the company or across the group
  • Designed for longevity, flexibility and reutilization for future programs.


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